Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name is an achingly intimate portrait of desire elevated by the performances of its two leads, a swoon-worthy setting, and memorable dialogue. The story takes place in 1983 “somewhere in Northern Italy,” a setting which, as Christina Perez points out in her review for Vogue magazine, is just “enough to give […]

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Now, Voyager

What I liked about it: 1. In the midst of all the melodrama, it stays true as a story of transformation, one which understands how small, incremental physical changes can add up to lasting metamorphosis. Charlotte Vale, played exquisitely by Bette Davis, is transformed first outwardly and then inwardly, not the other way around, a […]

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The Shape of Water

Nobody does fantasy better than Guillermo del Toro. The man is a world builder, and what fascinating worlds they are. The Shape of Water’s retro futuristic late 50’s, early 60’s dystopia is fascinatingly beautiful and a perfect fit for a movie that is, amongst other things, an homage to 1954’s Creature from the Black Lagoon. […]

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Lady Bird

What makes Lady Bird so compelling is its depiction of coming of age as a process of invention rather than discovery. We are all acting, of course, throughout our lives, but perhaps never so self-consciously as during those formative years when the possibilities are still as yet undefined. When things don’t work out with her […]

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The Young Girls of Rochefort

If melodrama were that one kid in high school desperate for someone even more universally loathed than himself to walk through the door, the answer to his prayers would be the musical. Everybody hates musicals, right? I mean, they (mostly) don’t even make them anymore. If you can get past that reflex though, there’s a […]

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

According to the Wiki entry, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty “was a moderate box office success.” I’m shocked. I would have bet dollars to donuts it bombed. I mean, who was the intended audience for this? Not Thurber fans. Other than the title, the name of the lead character, and his penchant for daydreaming, […]

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Blade Runner

BLUF: The plot devices are about as substantial as Gaff’s origami, but it’s an admirable, worthwhile effort, and if you just go with it,  you’ll have a good time, especially if you’re a fan of the original. Blade Runner 2046 answers the question, “I wonder what happened to Deckard and Rachel after they ran?” It’s […]

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