Jack Reacher

Action movies are fairly simple, and, when done well, fairly gratifying as well. We never tire of reinforcing the fantasy that, in the end, justice will prevail, nor of the simple guilty pleasure that comes from watching a super cool good guy (or girl) give the bad guys what’s coming to them.  Still, it’s not enough simply to see the good guy win. For the victory to feel cathartic, the viewer must have experienced a sense of dread, and while there are many scenes in Jack Reacher where Cruise as the title character is threatened, he never seems imperiled. “Reacher is so good at everything he does,” says Rene Rodriquez in her review for the Miami Herald, “and Cruise plays him in such a robotic manner, that the movie becomes a bit of a bore.” Indeed. No doubt it is a difficult balancing act to present a character who can be an uber bad ass and still seem vulnerable and therefore interesting, but it has been done much, much better than this.

Three reasons in reverse:

1. You could watch any of the Bourne movies instead.
2. By supporting Cruise, you’re probably also indirectly supporting Scientology as well.
3. We shouldn’t encourage this kind of waste of Herzog’s and Duvall’s talent.

Rene Rodriguez’s Review


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