A Monster in Paris

A Monster in Paris is a lot of fun.  It follows the story of a flea who grows to monstrous size following a lab accident and who is being pursued by an evil politician who is bent upon destroying him as a publicity stunt.  Fortunately, he is not alone.  He has his friends, two would be couples and a precocious monkey, to help him along his way.  The chase scenes are done well enough, and there are some funny lines, but what elevates the film above average is a delightful quirkiness and fantastic animation.  Is it old school?  Is it new school?  I don’t know, but it’s amazingly detailed and full of warmth and charm.  Likewise, the characters are charming and delightful to watch as they learn the importance of not rushing to judgement and of seizing the day.  Finally, the songs are great and come with the interesting footnote of having been sung by Vanessa Paradis, who is (or perhaps was) Johnny Depp’s girlfriend, and Sean Lennon.


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