World War Z

World War Z has inspired me to introduce a new feature to my blog, a ratings system called the Lame-O-Meter, just so I can turn it up to eleven.  The way the zombies’ mass movements are modeled after insects is new and different, but that’s the best I can say about it.  Perhaps they meant to be ironic as the movie itself works pretty well as it’s own zombie metaphor–a lifeless, pitiful thing with simple star power left where character development once would have been and dumb action sequences and special effects left to ambulate it instead of an actual plot.  I know I certainly feel like a mindless consumer for having paid money to see it. 

P.S.- I couldn’t help notice as we stood in line that there isn’t a single movie playing (in the town’s only movie theater) aimed at a grown up audience.  I like a good action movie as well as anyone; they don’t all have to be Citizen Kane.  In fact, it would suck if they were.  I like “just being entertained.”  Heck, the last movie I watched is Rock and Roll High School, and I’m absolutely stoked about Pacific Rim.  But it seems, and I think this is because audiences have simply grown less demanding, like the basic criteria for making a movie have eroded to the point where film makers have gotten incredibly lazy.

Oh, yeah.  I almost forgot: Lame-O-Meter: 11.



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