The Giant Mechanical Man

The Giant Mechanical Man is the story of Janice and Tim. Janice is trying to successfully navigate her way through life while trying to find herself along the way. The fact that she is past the age where one is supposed to preoccupied with such things and that she has to depend on others for financial support makes the task very difficult. Tim, on the other hand, is trying to successfully navigate his way through life while trying not to lose himself. And finding each other, of course, turns out to be just what each needed.
It’s not the most original film. It’s self-conscious in an indie sort of way, and it depends upon some pretty big plot contrivances. It’s also a bit heavy handed. At one point in the film, a character whose birthday is being celebrated gives the following speech while sitting on top of the bar: “It only takes just one person, just one person, to make you feel special, and valid, and like you belong in the world.” Well, yeah, but a bit more understatement would have served the film better here and in other places as well. Still, I liked it. Maybe because I never get tired of films about misfits or films that deal with alienation and the struggle to lead authentic lives and form connections with others. It is the most human theme, the only theme, really, and with respect to it, the film has it’s heart in the right place.

Note: The film’s gross is listed on IMDB as $5,360. Ouch.  It’s definitely better than that.



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