Pacific Rim

I thought Pacific Rim was awesome, and I’m forty-six, I’ve never been to comic-con, and I’m not into anime. Unfortunately, it seems me and my family were the only ones outside the movie’s primary demographic to go, and our contribution to the box office doesn’t seem to have been enough to save it. By most accounts, opening weekend for Pacific Rim will be “disappointing” at best, despite the efforts of bloggers such as this one over at Metro Blog to “please, please, please make Pacific Rim a big hit.”  That’s a shame. Why? Because as the blog entry’s author suggests, it would be nice to see something besides a movie based on “a comic book, a popular series of novels or a remake of a film that did well with audiences 20-something years ago” succeed.  I agree. While Pacific Rim itself certainly is somewhat derivative, it’s daring and original for what passes from the major studios for the most part these days.  Heck, it’s nice just to see something without a Roman numeral after it.  Besides, it happens to be a pretty kick ass movie. Is it perfect?  No.  It’s too sprawling and loses focus by widening its angle too much. A Top Gun style competition between two hot shot yeager pilots, an oddball genius scientist as the only one who can figure out what the hell is actually going on (where’s Jeff Goldblum when you need him?), and an Independence Day style let’s-put-our-differences-aside- and-all-come-together thread all feature in the movie, but none is carried successfully throughout. Less would have been more here, a focus on any one. Still, it does offer more than just successive action sequences, one does come to care about the characters, and the epic monster vs robot (sorry, mechanoids) battles are terrific fun. Me and my family had a blast, and what more can one ask from a big, dumb, fun summer action movie than that?



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