Nights in Rodanthe

Wanda flatly refused to watch this one with me when I brought it home.  Turns out, she made the right call.  On the surface, it looks promising.  One can see from the cover that it features attractive people and an attractive location, promising ingredients insofar as love stories go. The house where the story takes place is real, and one can see how easy it might be to fall in love there.  Assuming it really is a bed and breakfast, I’d love to go there for an anniversary or something. Unfortunately, pretty people and pretty places aren’t enough.  And let’s be real.  Enough really isn’t that much so far as love stories go.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to have a storybook ending, but tension does have to be built up somehow. There’s simply no source of tension in this movie.  A few feeble attempts are made to create it from each character’s back story, but they are very weak.  In fact, the whole movie feels truncated, like they were expecting the audience to have read the book and be able from that to make the necessary leaps required to care about these characters and buy into the buy in between them.  Whether or not the book is remotely satisfying as an illustration of a deep and lasting connection between two human beings, I can’t say.  The movie it was based on, however, is not.  Even the most ardent romance movie fan will be bored by this.  The only thing good I can say about it is that it gives me an excuse to go watch Brief Encounter again  so as to wash the taste out of my mouth.


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