From Wikipedia: Miranda is a 1948 British comedy film, directed by Ken Annakin and written by Peter Blackmore, who also wrote the play of the same name from which the film was adapted.  A light comedy, the film is about a beautiful and playful mermaid played by Glynis Johns and her effect on Griffith Jones.

It was triple feature night, and I saved the best for last.  I wanted something charming to arm myself with before plunging once again into the breach come tomorrow morning, and Miranda was precisely the ticket.  Absolutely charming, it reminds me of Harvey.  Perhaps not quite as good as that, but then again what is?  Simply put, I’m not quite sure I can be friends with anyone who doesn’t like Harvey, and while I might not go quite so far as that for Miranda, it’s pretty close.  It’s a breath of fresh air with absolutely nothing the slightest bit post-modern or ironic about it.  The dialogue is fresh, crisp, and witty, as if it came from a play, which of course it did, and the performances are quite good, particularly that of  Glynis Johns as Miranda Trewella, Googie Withers as Clare Martin, and Griffith Jones as an irrepressibly dashing looking Paul Martin.  John J. Puccio summed the film up as “all very light and frothy fun, with none of it very memorable but all of it reasonably pleasant.”  He sells the film short.  More than reasonably pleasant, Miranda and the aforementioned Harvey are antidotes to the cynicism of modern life, and as such I for one cannot get enough of them.


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