Holy Motors

From Wikipedia: Holy Motors is a 2012 Franco-German fantasy drama film written and directed by Leos Carax, starring Denis Lavant andÉdith Scob. Lavant plays Mr. Oscar, a man not unlike an actor who inhabits several roles, but there are no apparent cameras filming the man’s performances.[4] It is Carax’s first feature film since 1999. The film competed for the Palme d’Or at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.[5][6]

As with Spirit of the Beehive, Holy Motors leaves me at a loss for words.  Movies like these are the film equivalent of abstract art or poetry.  One cannot escape the feeling that sensible people, having watched it, will turn to each other and say, “Are you shitting me?”  And yet I find it not altogether easy to dismiss either.  Like Spirit, it’s very evocative.  But, whereas Spirit evokes the romantic sensibilities of someone like Coleridge, Holy Motors evokes the uneasy modernism (or post-modernism) of someone more like T.S. Eliot. Bizarre, frustrating, obtuse even, but not inartistic.  Denis Levant is amazing in it; it’s a wild ride containing, among other things, hands down the coolest squeezebox performance ever.  Having said that, it’s impossible for me to recommend a movie like Holy Motors to anyone other than those deliberately looking for something weird.  It’s either an art house classic or a movie a little too self-consciously designed with cult status in mind; I’m not sure which.  Be warned though.  If you do watch it, don’t be surprised if it sticks with you a bit.

Watch the trailer.


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