Godzilla (2014)

BLUF: Ardent Godzilla fans will want to watch it anyway, which is sort of the point of continuing to milk a franchise I suppose, but there’s not much to recommend it to anyone else.  

Several months ago, when I first heard their was a new American Godzilla movie coming out, I was pretty excited.  I loved them when I was a kid, and I have had a lot of fun introducing them to my children.  Most of their stuff, I don’t get (Adventure Time, anybody?), and most of my stuff, they don’t get (Flash Gordon, anybody?), but Kaiju movies are a sweet spot where our interests converge.  And when I read the cast and saw that Brian Cranston and Juliette Binoche were in it, well, that just cranked it up to 11.  This, I thought, is going to make up for that travesty with Matthew Broderick and an overgrown iguana they did back in 1998.  Yeah, not so much.  As for Brian Cranston and Juliette Binoche lending any gravitas to the project, let’s just say it doesn’t work out to avoid any spoilers.  But the big problem with the movie is that it fails to align the story of the people with the action of the Kaiju in any remotely satisfying way.  The people and the plot points are so flimsy, dull, and uninteresting that’s it’s difficult to care much about them at all.  As for me, give me the over-the-topic antics of Final Wars or Pacific Rim any day; at least that’s fun to watch.  This movie just makes you want to fast forward to the fight scenes. On the plus side, they at least got the look of Godzilla almost right this time.  Too bad they completely whiffed on the soul.  Again.


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