Attack The Block

A “B” movie, above all, should be fun, and the fun of Attack the Block starts with this awesome tagline: “Inner city versus outer space.”  Clever, huh?  The whole movie is that way.  It isn’t a perfect movie by any stretch.  The dialogue frequently falls flat, and with the exception of Jodi Whitaker, who does a nice job as Sam, the acting probably isn’t going to win any awards.  But that’s okay.  That’s not what we expect from a good “B” movie, and this one hits on all the right cylinders, though it could have easily and perhaps better done so without being quite so potty mouth about it.  The story arc centers upon “Moses,” the leader of a gang of young inner city English street toughs who suddenly find themselves defending their home turf against an invading alien horde.  It’s a familiar anti-hero story, but it’s framed in a clever disadvantaged-kids-doing-their-best-to-survive-in-an-unfair-world context that manages to entertain well while making a couple of salient points about class warfare along the way. Monster movies can get a bit tiring without some comic relief, and Attack The Block manages to be sufficiently funny and sufficiently scary to be satisfying on both accounts.  It’s a bit like one might imagine The Warriors would have been like if it had been infused with a sci-fi theme and directed by someone with Steven Speilberg’s sensibilities (if not quite his talent).  Wanda and I wanted something fun to unwind to after spending 6 hours in a moving truck, and Attack the Block fit the bill perfectly.


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