Guardians of the Galaxy

“There’s one other name you might know me by… Star Lord.” 

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You had me at talking raccoon.  Seriously, a formulaic action flick of this sort doesn’t have to offer a whole lot, but what it does offer, it had better get right.  Guardians of the Galaxy gets it right.  A good blend of action, effects, and comedy with good pacing, good performances, a decent script, and characters the audience can’t help but root for to succeed; it’s great fun.  

On second thought, that does sound like a lot.  And apparently, it’s harder than one might think, or there wouldn’t be so many insufferably bad ones. Incredible special effects and non-stop action are de riguer, but we still have to care about the characters too.  Often times, these films simply jump from one action sequence to the next without giving the audience enough of a glimpse into the characters lives or interactions with each other to lead us to buy into them as heroes we can feel good about rooting for.  It’s a delicate balance; Guardians of the Galaxy gets it right.

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