Start the Revolution Without Me

“I warn you gentlemen, I am not to be trifled with. To pull the tail of a lion is to open the mouth of trouble and reveal the teeth of revenge biting the tongue of deceit.” 

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BLUF: Mediocre mistaken identity comedy elevated a bit by Wilder. 

From the Wiki: “Two sets of identical twins, played by Wilder and Sutherland, are accidentally switched at birth. One set, Phillipe and Pierre DeSisi, is aristocratic and haughty, while the other set, Charles and Claude Coupé, is poor and dim-witted. On the eve of the French Revolution, both sets find themselves entangled in palace intrigues.” 

saw this years ago on TV and remembered it being much funnier than it actually is.  Don’t you hate when that happens?  It’s wacky all right, but the wackiness is a little forced and comes off in spots like bad Monty Python.  “I know, I know!  We’ll have the man in the iron mask crawl out of a hole at the end and shoot Gene Wilder, even after it’s transitioned back to the present! Crazy!”  

Still, I can think of two reasons to watch it: Gene Wilder.  Wilder’s talent is on par with Peter Sellers, and his scenes far and away steal the show.

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