“Few people find power grids attractive. I certainly don’t. Norwegians are pro-electricity, but against power lines. That won’t work in the long run. Norway has trolls, so more power lines are needed. That’s just the way it is.”–Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

After having given some measure of praise, a critic of Kasimir Malevich‘s White on White” (whose name


escapes me) concluded of this sort of artistic expression that it “having been done once, need not be done again.”  I feel very much the same way about the whole found footage genre of film making.  It’s a clever trope, yes, but kind of a one trick pony that very quickly becomes simply annoying and hackneyed.  As Georgia Straight says in his review of Cloverfield, “Imagine if somebody came up to you, grabbed your head, and jiggled it around for 80 minutes. Now imagine they did that while you were trying to watch a movie about a monster attacking New York City.”  Yeah, I’m with you George.  Knock that crap out. But then I saw Trollhunter. 

Per the Wiki entry, Trollhunter is “a 2010 Norwegian dark fantasy film, made in the form of a ‘found footage‘ mockumentary.”  It follows three college students (why is it always three?) as they track a man whom they mistake for a bear poacher who turns out rather to be a troll hunter.  If that sounds like a hoot, it’s because it is.  The film is not scary, and although it’s a little slow going in the beginning, once it picks up the pace it becomes a very entertaining blend of action and humor that manages to sell the premise of a government troll hunting cover up  in a sufficiently plausible if obviously tongue in cheek way. 

Trollhunter must have been a tough pitch.  A found footage movie about trolls.  Right.  It’s fortunlate someone gave it a chance though, for it’s one of those movies that manages to be more than the sum of its parts, and I expect one that pays the greatest dividends when watching with a group of friends.  

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