What it is

iCheckMovies is a movie database that cross references films against a variety of movie lists, including personal lists, user driven lists from Reddit and IMDB, and high brow lists, such as those from the Criterion Collection and the American Film Institute.

What I like about it

Opinions–we’ve all got one right? What’s a body to do? Well, one way to remove subjectivity is to consult different sources. Sneak Previews and later At the Movies relied on two reviewers rather than one, and although the popularity of the show hinged on the fact that Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert did not always agree, the chances of a movie being objectively good obviously increased when both gave it a thumbs up, and the two-thumbs up quickly became an iconic symbol for quality. iCheckMovies takes this principal and multiplies it exponentially by cross referencing a wide variety of movie lists against one another and then allowing the user to filter movies first by seen and unseen and then sort them by categories such as #of official lists or #of personal lists. Lawrence of Arabia, The Godfather, and The Bicycle Thief are at the top of my list right now. And while those films, regardless, may not be what I’m in mood for at the moment, I have no doubt all three are very good movies that any movie buff should see.


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