What is it?

Rinema is a web-based, social movie discovery engine maintained, apparently, by just two people, including its founder Grishma Udani, a self-described “dedicated cinephile” and graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology.

What I like about it:

Rinema is well-designed, attractive, and actually seems to work. The home page includes a relatively small nav bar on the left including links to your profile and three suggested “taste buddies” with options to follow them.  The remainder of the page is filled with movies rated highly by those taste buddies you’re already following.  The first one on my list is Before Sunset. It just so happens I’ve seen Before Sunset, so I know it’s exactly the kind of recommendation I want to get.  Other suggestions include classics like The Big Sleep, less highly rated moves like V for Vendetta, and more obscure movies like Kiss, Kiss Bang Bang and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.  Sure, they’re some stinkers in there. I Am Legend was horrible, and I’d rather take an ass whipping than sit through Twilight: Breaking Dawn, but by and large it seems to have my number, and that’s with only 282 movie ratings. That may sound like a lot, but a five star rating tool is shown at the bottom of each movie, so it’s easy to quickly rate a lot of movies.

Across the top left there’s another nav bar with links to “discover,” “connect,” “watch,” and “list.” “Discover” takes you to a scroll of movies filterable by genre, mpaa rating, language, and release year. “Connect” takes you to a scroll of more “taste buddies” showing the films you have in common as a percentage along with the number of movies the person has marked seen and a link to his or her reviews. “Watch” takes you to lists of movies available to stream from Apple, Google, and Amazon, and “List” takes you to user-generated lists of films.

A nav bar at the top right takes you to a profile page with quick links to your own movie lists, both self-created and system-generated, and those whom you are following and who are following you.  To really get an idea of whether or not you’re tastes are simpatico with those you are following, you can sort their “rated” list by rating. Just because you’ve seen a lot of the same movies may or may not mean you have similar tastes, but finding another soul who’s also rated Koyaanisqatsi a five star film practically guarantees it.

Pretty cool, actually: You can check it out here: Rinema.


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