Top 10 Movie Locations to Visit, #2


2. Tokyo, Japan, to visit the Park Hyatt hotel, where Lost in Translation was filmed.

Why the Park Hyatt Tokyo?  Lost in Translation is about connecting, however briefly, with another human being. What makes the connection between Bob and Charlotte possible isn’t the hotel or the shared joke of poking fun at a night club singer, it’s the simple fact that they happen to meet at a time when they are freed from the constraints of their normal routines and also recognize each other’s vulnerability. Bob is having a mid-life crisis; Charlotte is having an identity crisis. Neither one is necessarily qualified to be the spirit guide the other needs, but they are nevertheless willing to do for each other what they can, and that just might be enough. In this regard, it is a very uplifting film, and it would be awesome to visit the location. Oh, and it’s a $550 a night luxury hotel in Tokyo, so there’s that too.

P.S.- Plus, you might even get to stay in Bill Murray’s or Scarlett Johansen’s room: Park Hyatt Hotel honors hotel guest’s request to stay in Bill Murray’s “Lost in Translation” room).


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