Top 10 Movie Locations, #4


4. Vienna, Austria, to retrace the steps of Jesse and Celine as seen in Before Sunrise.

Why? Because retracing somebody’s path is a way to share in their experience, and Jesse and Celine’s experience, while extraordinary, rare, and magical, nevertheless remains completely attainable by ordinary–even painfully ordinary–people. This, of course, is not to say it’s necessarily easy. It’s one thing to walk around Vienna (or Del Rio, or Amsterdam, or etc.) all night talking pretentiously. It’s another to “to keep company; to hold intimate intercourse; to commune.” In other words, to converse–that’s what Jesse and Celine do, and that’s what’s worth going to Vienna to attempt to re-create. Could one stay home and do it to? Maybe. But the magic of the city and the magic of the movie certainly couldn’t hurt!


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