Top 10 Movie Locations, #5

5. The Motlatse Canyon Provincial Nature Reserve in Mpumalanga, South Africa, otherwise known as “God’s window.”


Why? To throw stuff off, of course. I once attended a training event where the speaker asked members of the audience to come up to the front of class, hold their arms out to their sides, and then resist the force applied by the instructor to push them back down. This occurred with one variation. The first time, it was done while the person said something positive about themselves (or maybe they said nothing at all, I don’t recall for sure), and the second time it was done while the person said something negative. You guessed it; the second time around the participants were less able to resist the pressure exerted against them. Now, you may be thinking, as a couple of engineer types in the room were, that equal force was not exerted each time. Possibly. Isn’t it a cool idea though? The thought that words have some sort of palpable effect on the physical world? It gives them weight and dimension and opens up other possibilities. What if, for example, you could unload your metaphorical baggage simply by exorcising it vocally? And I’m thinking to be truly cathartic, to maximize the experience, it would have to be done somewhere awesome in itself. “God’s window” is the location identified by Xi, the bushman from The Gods Must be Crazy, as the edge of the world. Yeah. That’s appropriate.


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