Wonder Woman (TV Show)


Three Reasons:

One: The opening sequence and theme song are just awesome:

In your satin tights,
Fighting for your rights,
And the old red, white and blue!

“Tights” and “rights”? Ya gotta love that!  It’s a hoot, it’s catchy, and the comic book panels, font, and stars are great. They evoke the show’s comic book origins without going quite so far over the top as Batman did.

Two: It was one of the first truly feminist shows. Bwhwhahahaha!  Okay, okay. Look, it was the seventies. You gotta give them a little credit for trying. Sort, of.  Hey, on the plus side, it passes the Bechdel test and inverts the damsel in distress trope. And more importantly, the show’s depiction of strong, capable, smart women extended beyond Wonder Woman to include other characters, such as Fausta Grables. And on the minus side, well, at least it’s hilarious. How can you not laugh at an island of Amazonian warriors reduced to an ongoing slumber party? And then Steve, after Wonder Woman saves him yet again, gets to deliver priceless lines like, “I wonder if she can cook too?” It’s hilariously, hopelessly sexist, but they had to start somewhere.

Three: Lynda Carter.


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